Thursday, December 15, 2016

December 2016

                                       Dear Parents 

Times flies. It is already Christmas Holiday.  I write this December blog looking back on a beautiful and engaged 2016. We're almost half way through the schoolyear.  The kids have grown and matured a lot since August and playing a lot every day. 

After the winter break Alva Yamagutchi is going to join PreK4. Louis Eliott Valony is going to live in Senegal with his family, we will miss him and we wish him the best of luck and lots of happiness. 
We will have a new student coming in in January, to be introduced later.

Caring Month.
We have been working on 'Caring' in general and the whole elemantary school was focused on this topic for the month of November: Caring for each other; Caring for yourself and for animals; Paying attention to playing kindly together, helping each other.

We practised how fun it is to care for, to share with and to be nice to each other. 
And how much fun it is to give compliments to each other.
We learned solving problems by talking it over. This is actually a daily routine.
If things are too difficult to solve on your own, go to the teacher, she can help anytime.

The children learned that if one is not feeling fine or is feeling angry: Let the other child know by telling how you feel. 
Students learn to recognize their own feelings

In December we worked on 'Open Mindedness'.
Our school community is an International community with children from divers nationalities and cultures. We work and learn in this beautiful community. What a benefit for our children to grow up in this diversity. We learn so much from each other. 

We made our handprints and pasted them on the Big DiversiTree at the entrance of the school. 

The hands of PreK3 students are down at the thrunk of the Tree, on yellow paper they printed their small hands in green.

We have a large picture-book with continent-maps and pictures of children from all over the world in our class room. The children love this book. 

Thank you for being a fine audience while the children did their performance at the assembly. I imagine you were able to make some nice pictures and videos.

I have some nice pics to share with you:

I wish you all a fine Christmas Holiday. A good start of 2017 and a healthy return to school at January 4th.

For the families who travel: Lots of fun and take care.

Warmest regards,

Miss Irama and Miss Attie. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

All about us in PreK 2 and 3.

Dear Parents,

I am very happy to inform you about the well being of the children.

Every body is doing well and every one is we are taking good care of  each other. The youngsters are getting quite well used to the routines and the social interactions.  

We have been working and learning through the Unit All about me.

Song: (tune: Frere Jaques)

I am special, I am special
Turn around, you will see:
Someone very special 
Someone very special
Yes ! It 's me
Yes ! It 's me.

It is lovely to see the children glow with pride while we are singing this song.

New Teacher PreK 2.

On Monday October 10, the preK2 group will have their own teacher:
Ms Ekaterina Grichko. 
Miss Sira will join her as the assistent the children know very well so things are not completely new for the children.

PreK3 stays with me and we will have assistance of Miss Dado Togsla.

Next week we will start our new unit Animals. 
I ll read a lot of picture books about animals. 
We will sing songs about animals. 
We ll make art.
Maybe you have pets at home to do a Animal Meet and Greet at school???

Here is a lovely song we listen to, the children to do the boogies.

I share some pictures. Enjoy  the images, 

I wish you all a very good weekend. 

Warmest, Miss Sira and Miss Attie

 Kalifa making his name puzzle.

 George threads the beats.

With a litttle help from your friend. 

 Eden making art.

 Abdou having his birthday.

 Later on playing with Ousmane.

 Name puzzling. 

 Hmmm How do I get the green marbels in the right corner? 

 Play dough with Lavender odeur . 

 Time for a book. 

 Lots of baby snakes. 

 Relaxing with a book.

 Moctar enjoying Play dough

 Go Malik :) 


 Sensory play.

 Forms and shapes and colours.

 Basit: I build my castel.


 Counting  and puzzling.

 Kids really love to play with dough.


 A fine peace of architecture. 

 Same thing, social cooperation.

 Rhyming sounds. Goat - Boat.


 Having fun..