Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First weeks in PreK2 and 3.

                                Dear Parents 

Welcome  to the first blog of this school year, 2016 - 2017

Since we are in the second week of school I noticed that the children are starting to get used to all the new faces and new situations.  

The children appreciate seeing their 'old' school buddies of last year and have started making new friends

They are becoming more comfortable with the class routines and with me and in Miss Sira, the teacher assistant. 

The daily routines becoming natural for the children, we practise class rules every day because we are living in our small community of PreK. 

  • We take care for each other.
  • We are kind for each other. 
  • We play  together and we share.
  • We help each other.
  • We look at each other.
  • We listen to each other.

All Toddlers are making a great start in becoming self-reliant.

'I can do it myself' : Means for example: choosing learning centers, having success in playing with new things, in washing hands, in knowing when to go to  the bathroom, getting motivated to clean up after playing, in putting on your own shoes, in cleaning up after snack time. 

Of course all of this is done with caring assistance from me and Miss Sira

Your children are really exploring the classroom

They are discovering a lot of new toys, building materials, possibilities of dramatic play in the pretend corner. Jigsaw puzzles, letter games, reading big books, cars and trucks, play dough, paint, crayons and a lot more.

We have begun to make art with paint and brushes. I hope we make a lot of during the year and pretty soon the classroom will look look like the MoMA.

At circle time I read a book aloud every day, often I repeat the book. As you know Toddlers love repetition and they learn a lot of new English words. Among other things, this helps children to learn how images can correspond
with spoken word.

Please check your inbox for an email I send recently with some important information. 

I invite you all to come to the Back to school Morning, September 1st at 7:30.

I love to share some pics of your children playing and learning in PreK

Yuhan sorting out Dinosaurs

Kenean making a puzzle.

Malik, Abdou, Emilie threading beads.

Basit and Moctar setting up a Duplo-house.

Duplo activity

Kalifa checking his workbench

Abdou is doing some reading.
 Kalifa building

Emilie and Abdou

Kenean, Wilma Sofie and Ousmane 

 and Moctar 

Big boys threading beads

Aristan making a puzzle

So does Basit 

Alva and Sofie getting informed.

Look at mine 'I did it' .