Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PreK 2 and 3: All about Me

           Dear parents.

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Back to School morning.

Many students were ill and stayed at home during the first week of September.
As I explained at the Back to School morning, it is important that your child stay at home in case of illness, such as bad colds or flu, to help limit the spread of germs

There are a lot of new situations for children at the very beginning of the school year. We have been practicing our daily routines and class rules these few weeks. The children are also learning and trying out many of their social skills. 

We currently have 15 PreK 2/3 students and hope to welcome 3 more in the coming weeks.
The school continues to look for another Pre K teacher to allow us to welcome even more students.  In the meantime Miss Sira and I often work with the children in separate PreK 2 and PreK 3 groupings during play - exploration - learning time.  

We started doing so last week from 10:00 till 11:15 every day.  Miss Sira works with the PreK 2 children in the classroom next to ours. I work with small groups of PreK3 children during this period as they play, work and learn to concentrate for longer periods, focusing on a particular task. This guarantees a quiet environment for the children to play, discover and learn.

The present unit we are working on is 'All About Me.' 

We talk, work and learn about 'me and my family', about the feelings we have, about the things we like, the things we already can do.  We learn to look at ourselves, and want to draw ourselves.....  more than once! We also want to learn to write our names.

I started giving the children a 'writing' -journal. Regularly we will draw in the journal, write words, practice letters, and draw again. At the end of the school year the children will bring home this journal to keep.

'All about me' is also about taking care of yourself and living healthily and the children love this Sesame Street song about brushing teeth:

Last but not least, I would like to share some pictures with you from our classroom:

Birthday George Baraka. Who is the largest George or his cake? We shared cake with Pre k 4. 

Yuhan concentrates, making an eight out of pins with George's help.  

 Pin after pin. 

 Building playing on the carpet

 We are proud of our tower: Aristan, Ellioth and Basit 

 Wilma Sofie making a Duplo house.

 "I can do this puzzle for sure", Emilie says.

 Making Art  with our own hands, some kids love it some don't. These two surely enjoyed it.



 Wilma Sofie

 Our new student Eden in PreK 3

 Snack time 

 Hey, I can do this puzzle too.

 My crown is made of Elephants put together by me, Alva. Don't I look pretty. 

Thank you and have a good weekend, see you on Monday.

Miss Sira and miss Attie.