Friday, December 8, 2017

PreK 3 end of the year Blog.

Dear Parents,  December 2017

I am happy to keep you updated, I do apologize that it has been a while since you last read the PreK3-Blog. But we are doing great. 
We are playing and learning a lot and we're growing to be kind and smart and wise and creative and beautiful and help full kids.

Since a few weeks we are happy to have Mbalia Stone in PreK3, she is Miss Soumah's daughter. Mbalia is enjoying playing and working with us. Ousmane Ba was gone for a couple of weeks to be with his mama Ms Laliyah. Now he is back and very proud fo his baby sister.

Our current theme is Transportation, a way to go places.

Please share these nice music videos with your children and have fun.

We can walk to get from A to B:

or go by bike.

Let's take a  ride in an automobile, to go from A to B.

'We often take the boat on the river Niger and escape from the crocodiles and the hippo's.'
Row Row Row your Boat.

We prentend to be a little airplane.

This week we work on Christmas, and we make beautiful Christmas art.

Be our guest at the PreK3 assembly at Friday December 15th at 7:30 in the MPR.

For now: Enjoy a selection of pictures.

 Kids love to do 'Magic Painting".

Ismael Sangare joined PreK3 for a short time, he went back to England. He had a good friend in Ousmane.

We make up small puppet-shows. The children are good at telling stories and they learn listening to stories told by peers and puppet characters.

Working with Play dough is a favorite activity. Working with this material is a good way to train the muscles in the hands and fingers. Gros and fine motor development. Play dough offers also a play full opportunity to develop creativity.

Building letters with Play dough. R Robert.

Laetitia 'Imagines' her Laptop with a book.

Building a 'skyscraper garage'.

Making letters with our bodies. 'P'

Pretend play, Some one is the . teacher and some are students. 
We love this new toy very much, a 'roller- coaster' playfully experiencing and using gravity to roll the wheel. 

And then it was Halloween.

 Finger painting is so much fun. We worked on the book: 'Elmer the elephant'. We painted lots of gray sheets in order to cut a lot of gray elephants.

 Transportation, the train bring us from A to B. And it is lots of fun making a railroad together.

We also pasted a beautiful 'Elmer'. 

Elmer finds himself being different from the other Elephants, he wants to be like them; gray. Once being grey, it doesn't  feel good. He is not happy at all nobody sees him anymore. In the end Elmer is very content about being who he is: a beautiful colored Elephant, having lots of friend who love him because he is friendly and caring and he is a joy to the other Elephants. The students re-told  the story with these Velcro animations.
Working together on the schoolbus floor puzzle. 

Welcome Mbalia Stone 

Pasting a choo choo train.

Some days are Blue , some days are Green, this was a Pink day. 

With Pink Play dough. 

We add flour when the Play dough gets sticky.

Practicing writing her name. Well done Lucia.

Playing and sharing together.

With a little help from Mister Joel we really build it high, amazing.

Fun time doing puppet theatre.

Christmas tree art, practicing cutting and pasting and sorting out small triangles to bigger triangles.

Thanks a lot for we always have so much fun together with your children. 
We see each other on Monday. 
But we already wish you a fine Holiday-Christmas-Winter break and hope seeing you back safe and sound on Monday Januari 8 2018.

Kind regards, Ms Attie, Ms Maimouna, Mr Joel.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March PreK3

               Dear parents.

First let me introduce Adrian Hettinger and Amani Wongue, two new kids in PreK3. Adrian 's sister Giulia is in PreK4 and Amani's sister Maya joined K.

We are happy to let you know that Amani is the daughter of our new PreK2 colleague Miss Brenna Wongue. 

During the unit Transportation the children played a lot with our own made Fire Engine and the pirogue. 

We just started with a new unit : Safety. 

The children learn to take some simple precautions to keep themselves, and others safe.

We talk, play, work and learn and 'read' about:

What does it mean to stay safe?
What can you do to keep yourself safe?

I share a video with Elmo learning about fire safety:

And a video about road safety.

I took a lot of pictures during the last weeks.
You see your child doing a certain activity.
The activities rotate and I take care that every child will do these different activities.

Every day during play / learn time the children can choose from a basket with objects corresponding divers playing and learning activities.

We also take a lot of time in practising social emotional skills. 

Last week Miss Sira came to school for the first time since her baby was born. The kids were very happy to see her and her baby.
We also hope Kalifa will get better soon, we missed you this week Kalifa. 

I hope you a fine weekend and see you on Monday.

Best regards.

Attie van den Berg