Wednesday, June 6, 2018

End of the Year 2017- 2018.

Dear Parents.

I am excited to let you know that I am so proud of the preK 3 children.
We had a fine year with lots of playing and learning going on.

Amazing how fast they grow and mature. When they went home today I gave them their picture made in the beginning of the school year.

'Wow!! Then I was Little Now I am Big' one of the children said.

Because of my future plans I am going back to the Netherlands to follow a Master studie at the Vrije Univeristeit Amsterdam. And of course  to be with my lovely daughters and grand-sons again.

I count on coming back to Bamako when I have the degree in a year. 

Friday I say goodbye to the children whom I am going to miss a lot. 
I will remember the good things at the AISB with a smile.

I wish all of you a splendid summer holiday.
With lots of beautiful places to go and many interesting things to explore.

Big hug to all you lovely PreK3 kids. 😘😘😘😘

I am happy to share some nice pictures with you from the last month at school.

Beautiful PreK3 garden with the Grape Vine.

Post card from AISB Pool Bamako.

Sofia making the Moon.

Avi building in full concentration.

Sofia and Lea: Counting exercises.

Hello Avi.

Hi Sofia.

Blocks and Blue Prints.

Magnetic shape building.

Lea can do a Jig Saw Puzzle.

Counting and sorting Bears.

Lucia and Robert chillin'.

Ousmane and Edouard.

Making Theater.

Playing with stamps.

Lucia and Sofia drawing themselves.

So does Robert. 

And Avi.

And Hajrah.

Mbalia and Assil.


Laetitia and Lucia making a Animal book.

Does  the Black Bird win or do we??

We won !!!!

Every body jumped into the pool.
PreK 3 was so excited to go swimming every Wednesday. I hope they will      continue doing so in PreK4. Some kids already swim very good. 
The children are learning to trust their floating-skills in the water. With the guidance of Mr Ba the children learn how to swim bit by bit. 

Happy Summer Break.
Kind regards.
Ms Attie.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Hands on as we grow.

Dear Pre K3  Families.

I am happy to write a new blog for you. 
It is amazing how fast the children grow. How much they mature and learn.
They started the year as toddlers and see here they are almost ready for PreK4.

We just started a new Unit: The Solar System.

Space and the planets are very appealing to the imagination of the children and we have lots of philosophical conversations going on: 

  • 'Miss Attie, what is the sun made of?' " It is made of gas and fire and the sun is very very hot". 'Who put fire o the Sun?' I reply:" People say it is God." 'Ow, then God is a bad man!' "But there is good and bad fire dear." 
  • 'Who lives here?' a child points at Neptune. I reply: 'Nobody is, it is very , very cold there. This planet is so far away from the sun. "But I can go there with my jacket on." 
  • Imagine, Imagine, Imagine, we will blast off in a rocket. 

  • A song we sing is:
  • The Earth turns around. Once a day. Every day the Earth turns around.  The Moon turns round the Earth. Once a month , every month the Moon turns round the Earth.                                                                          The Earth turns round the Sun. Once a year, every year the Earth turns round the Sun.                                                                                    The Stars are every where. Here and there and every where the Stars are every where.

We started the unit with a lovely picture book; 'Happy Birthday Moon', I read it aloud at circle time and here is the link on You Tube.

I share some pictures with you.

Chilling in Space 

Drawing Planets .

 Happy Birthday, Moon.
'I can make the longest snake', Ousmane.

Serious counting going on.

Blossom tree.

Letter sound and letter recognition game. 

Robert loves to cut.

So does Lucia.

Mud Kitchen Fun.

Edouard and Robert gathering in the Mango tree. 

Dear parents,

Some of you already subscribed for the Parent Teacher conference on Friday May 11th. Please do so. I look forward meeting you. 

On Tuesday May 15th PreK3 is going for a field trip, we go to the Zoo. We ll leave at 8:00 am to be back at 11:30.

PreK3 assembly is at Thursday May 17th, 07:30 am. 

I also love to go swimming with all PreK3, I will buy some swimming 'wings' for each of them to wear and I will ask one or two parents to join us. So it will be easy to manage when it comes to dressing up after swimming. There will be 3 life guards and me and ms Maimouna IN the water of the small pool with the children. They will have loads of fun. I'll keep in touch with you about the date.

Kind regards,
Ms Attie.

Friday, January 26, 2018

PreK 3. End of Quarter 2.

Dear parents. 

End of quarter 2 is here.
Time for a modest update. The children are enjoying PreK and we're also very happy that since we came back from Holiday, the weather in Mali is fresh. This makes that the children enjoy playing outside very much.
And we find a natural cool place, with open windows when we enter the classroom. 

Recently we work on 'Matter'.

  • We talk about solid things and we find and hold and see 'solid' things all around us.
  • We experience 'liquid' matter as in water and drinks.
  • We play with air = 'gas' When we play with balloons and when we feel the wind blow softly the children experience 'air'.
  • We searched for rocks and cobblestones.
  • We held ice in our hands and felt it melt into water.
Elmo' song on Water.

Silly song about Matter.

Elmo's musical about shapes.

The kids also love this song about Brushing your teeth very much.

We spend a great time working and playing with shapes and colors.
Some children liked to make a little shape book. 
Others sorted shapes and colors. We tried to find shapes in our surrounding. 

Every Friday is Library time. 
Please keep this in mind and check at home if the books come back to school.
The children are very motivated to bring books home to read with you.

As always the students love to play and learn. Check the pictures below.

Wish you a happy weekend.

Ms Attie

 Eye-hand coordination in throwing balls onto the blue circle. Counting game, how many balls did you throw. Find the right number to past onto the board.

Here we go.

Building a 'castel-village' out of many things. Working together and making decisions. 

Yes 4.

Studying rocks.
Playing and writing about shapes.

Our STEM engineer-a-coaster kit.

Our administrator ordering a Blue Dinosaur.

Giving the rabbit carrots. Playfully developing good fine-motor skills.

Edouard takes his quality moment in reading a book. 

24 pieces floor puzzle.
Tracing shapes in the little shape-book. This is a blurry shape on her page.

There are shapes everywhere you see. Rectangle. Square. Circle.


Hajrah forgot to bring 'Elmo' to school. No problem , we just check on him on You tube. Elmo learns us a lot and we love him.

Shape bingo.