Friday, January 26, 2018

PreK 3. End of Quarter 2.

Dear parents. 

End of quarter 2 is here.
Time for a modest update. The children are enjoying PreK and we're also very happy that since we came back from Holiday, the weather in Mali is fresh. This makes that the children enjoy playing outside very much.
And we find a natural cool place, with open windows when we enter the classroom. 

Recently we work on 'Matter'.

  • We talk about solid things and we find and hold and see 'solid' things all around us.
  • We experience 'liquid' matter as in water and drinks.
  • We play with air = 'gas' When we play with balloons and when we feel the wind blow softly the children experience 'air'.
  • We searched for rocks and cobblestones.
  • We held ice in our hands and felt it melt into water.
Elmo' song on Water.

Silly song about Matter.

Elmo's musical about shapes.

The kids also love this song about Brushing your teeth very much.

We spend a great time working and playing with shapes and colors.
Some children liked to make a little shape book. 
Others sorted shapes and colors. We tried to find shapes in our surrounding. 

Every Friday is Library time. 
Please keep this in mind and check at home if the books come back to school.
The children are very motivated to bring books home to read with you.

As always the students love to play and learn. Check the pictures below.

Wish you a happy weekend.

Ms Attie

 Eye-hand coordination in throwing balls onto the blue circle. Counting game, how many balls did you throw. Find the right number to past onto the board.

Here we go.

Building a 'castel-village' out of many things. Working together and making decisions. 

Yes 4.

Studying rocks.
Playing and writing about shapes.

Our STEM engineer-a-coaster kit.

Our administrator ordering a Blue Dinosaur.

Giving the rabbit carrots. Playfully developing good fine-motor skills.

Edouard takes his quality moment in reading a book. 

24 pieces floor puzzle.
Tracing shapes in the little shape-book. This is a blurry shape on her page.

There are shapes everywhere you see. Rectangle. Square. Circle.


Hajrah forgot to bring 'Elmo' to school. No problem , we just check on him on You tube. Elmo learns us a lot and we love him.

Shape bingo.


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