Wednesday, June 6, 2018

End of the Year 2017- 2018.

Dear Parents.

I am excited to let you know that I am so proud of the preK 3 children.
We had a fine year with lots of playing and learning going on.

Amazing how fast they grow and mature. When they went home today I gave them their picture made in the beginning of the school year.

'Wow!! Then I was Little Now I am Big' one of the children said.

Because of my future plans I am going back to the Netherlands to follow a Master studie at the Vrije Univeristeit Amsterdam. And of course  to be with my lovely daughters and grand-sons again.

I count on coming back to Bamako when I have the degree in a year. 

Friday I say goodbye to the children whom I am going to miss a lot. 
I will remember the good things at the AISB with a smile.

I wish all of you a splendid summer holiday.
With lots of beautiful places to go and many interesting things to explore.

Big hug to all you lovely PreK3 kids. 😘😘😘😘

I am happy to share some nice pictures with you from the last month at school.

Beautiful PreK3 garden with the Grape Vine.

Post card from AISB Pool Bamako.

Sofia making the Moon.

Avi building in full concentration.

Sofia and Lea: Counting exercises.

Hello Avi.

Hi Sofia.

Blocks and Blue Prints.

Magnetic shape building.

Lea can do a Jig Saw Puzzle.

Counting and sorting Bears.

Lucia and Robert chillin'.

Ousmane and Edouard.

Making Theater.

Playing with stamps.

Lucia and Sofia drawing themselves.

So does Robert. 

And Avi.

And Hajrah.

Mbalia and Assil.


Laetitia and Lucia making a Animal book.

Does  the Black Bird win or do we??

We won !!!!

Every body jumped into the pool.
PreK 3 was so excited to go swimming every Wednesday. I hope they will      continue doing so in PreK4. Some kids already swim very good. 
The children are learning to trust their floating-skills in the water. With the guidance of Mr Ba the children learn how to swim bit by bit. 

Happy Summer Break.
Kind regards.
Ms Attie.

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  1. thanks ever so much for chose beautiful pictures! we Will all miss you for sure! All thé best in The Netherlands.